Rose marmalade of the Armenian Island


19 August 2019

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Rose marmalade of the Armenian Island

In Venice, on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, a particular culinary recipe has been handed down since 1800.


The Mechitarist Armenian fathers in fact, after the settlement of their community on the lagoon island in the 18th century, brought the Vartanush (rose marmelade) from the Middle East.


The word Vartanush is an Armenian word so decomposable: Vart means rose, Anush means sweet.


The red rose from which the jam is obtained, mainly of canine type, is cultivated directly in the monastery garden according to a traditional oriental recipe.

The flowering period is May, during which the Mechitarist fathers collect the petals from the roses and tradition states that the harvest should be done at sunrise and consequently at sunset.

Once the raw material is collected, the transformation process begins, an artisan practice that ends in about two weeks.


The procedure is as follows:

– The red rose petals are crushed together with sugar and lemon juice

– Then the mixture is filtered with lemon juice

– Finally, sugar and water are added to the mixture, then put for boiling

The jam, with its intense taste and scent, is a traditional gift that the Mechitarist fathers offer to the guests of the monastery.


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